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Emailed to Northern Life and Sudbury Star

Greater Sudbury is a wonderful city! I’m third generation here. Although I’ve visited many bigger cities from coast to coast with so much more opportunity and things to do, I’m still here! I’ve lived through many disputable and controversial issues of Greater Sudbury, however lately the main issue I see is the counteractive bickering of our issues which are carelessly being tossed around rather than planned out due to lack of solid leadership and more importantly a serious lack of a solid vision.

We live in the North, our roads will always be crumbling with the extreme weather so let’s face it and deal with it! This should never have been a part of the voting on the legacy projects.

The main fact that most don’t want higher taxes is perfectly understandable, however everyone should admit that the ideas of a School of Architecture, the Arts Centre and a Sports Complex are great ideas. So let’s start there instead of plainly saying “NO” and start asking when, how, and where.

Let’s face it, all things have costs and costs will always go up. If someone needs a new car to get to work, they can’t just say “now’s not a good time”. They must buy one and rough out the payments for a few years. Cities do the same and within a few years everyone will adjust.

The Community Stakeholders’ Task Force on the Future of the Local Mining Industry stated in September of 2006, that “Building a Sustainable Community fearlessly sets the agenda for Greater Sudbury to be the mining centre of excellence, not only in Canada, but the world (and) The report shows the “company town” has matured.”

When will Greater Sudbury fearlessly set an agenda? When will city council realize that we have matured? I wonder this every time I pass the farmer’s market downtown. This being the latest built amenity to host cultural activity and socializing shamefully depicts anything modern or mature indeed.

As a boy matures he’ll notice new things, different interests and a changed voice. Where are those new things in Sudbury and where is its changed voice? As for the growing multitude of (what are now) underground interests within Greater Sudbury, there are no venues for them to flourish due to reluctance of change, diversity and a reluctance to spend money to build. Consequently we lose a lot of money when people go to other cities in search of those venues!

If we build it, they will come … or at least stay.

We can all see, as in any growing city, the subtle changes around Greater Sudbury: the evident albeit reluctant transformation of the downtown core, the growing millennium mall, the new hotel chains coming to the city and more. Our maturity is evident because the change is evident. If we don’t continue to advocate making more available amenities to house related growing demands and changes, they too will go elsewhere and spend their money elsewhere.

Running a city is much like running a business where the citizens are the customers and employers all in one. Greater Sudbury must educate their “clientele” that in order to earn money we must first invest money. However this is not just about money, it’s about principal, morale and definition of what Greater Sudbury is now and what we are becoming.

Laurel Myers states in one of her articles “…one man had a vision … a vision to inform and communicate with the employees (...) through a monthly newsletter…”. Where is Greater Sudbury’s monthly newsletter to inform and communicate with the citizens? When will city council get their act together, create a solid vision, stick to it and inform and communicate it to the citizens?

Money is tight, yes, but with a solid vision for us to work towards the money will come eventually, if not from small temporary tax increases then from other options such as the recent government uploading initiatives and other funding. We have to educate those who are opposed to spending money that these are great ideas and that they will bring more people and more money in the long run.
What we can’t afford is to lose any more opportunities in which would enable us to grow into a diversified “centre of excellence”, a leader in arts, education, science, mining, medicine, environment and overall enjoyment of living. We can’t afford to lose any more skilled and motivated residents to “bigger and better” cities because they’re bored or lack culture.

We all need to be on the same page. If there was a documented vision for Greater Sudbury, this would be possible. The people must be educated in the GREATER picture to enable them to see beyond the present fear of lack of funds. We need to fearlessly move forward.

Kèv N. Rayner
Third generation GSA resident and visionary

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New Years

I have returned to the great white north for New Years and its been quite a while since I've done anything in this area. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for places I could go to celebrate New Years '07.

So far, the places I'm thinking are either Cranky Joe's or Shaughnessy's.
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(no subject)

I know no one is reading this community (or at least not posting), but I was wondering if anyone had heard the news that Music World has declared bankruptcy and that the parent company is planning on closing all 72 of its stores by the New Year.

News Article Here

Where do you buy most of your music?

Music World
Future Shop
Online - Purchase
Out - of - Town Stores
Pffft, who BUYS music anymore!
Some combination of the above

I guess we'll be seeing some good deals in the next month or two.
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Info needed

Hey everyone, I know how busy you are and all these days but I have a favour to ask youz: My cousin Richie is starting his own business and needs to fill out several of these surveys as a feasibility study. When you get a chance, could you fill one in, resave it and send it to him at 
Or simply reply here, and I'll forward it. It only takes a minutes, Greatly appreciated!  



Hello my name is Richard P. Migneault.  I'm conducting a survey to determine the potential demand for a new Entertainment Promotional business in the Greater City of Sudbury.  I'm kindly asking for your help by taking 5 minutes to answer a few questions.


  1. Please specify your gender:   Male: ___________            Female: ___________


  1. If yes: Which type of entertainment outing/activity do you enjoy?

(Choose all that are applicable with an “X”)


Rock Concert:                            ___________

Country Concert:                        ___________

Jazz Concert:                              ___________

Blues Concert:                            ___________

Comedy:                                     ___________

Family/Children Shows:               ___________

Motivational Speakers:                ___________

Festivals:                                    ___________

Theater:                                     ___________

Sporting Events:                         ___________

                                    Conferences:                              ___________

                                    Caravan Trips:                            ___________

                                    Other (please specify):               ___________

                                    All of the Above:                       ___________



  1. What type of entertainment outing/activity do you enjoy which you feel is lacking within the community? (Choose all that are applicable with an “X”)

Concerts:                                    ___________

Comedy:                                    ___________

Family/Children Shows:            ___________

Motivational Speakers:            ___________

Festivals:                                    ___________

Theater:                                    ___________

Sporting Events:                        ___________

                                    Conferences:                           ___________

                                    Caravan Trips:                         ___________

                                    Other (please specify):            ___________

                                    All of the Above:                    ___________







  1. When selecting an entertainment outing/activity, what do you consider?

(Choose all that are applicable with an “X”)


                                    Type of Artist/Performer:            ___________

                                    Ticket Price:                            ___________

                                    Date/Timing:                            ___________

                                    Indoor Venue:                          ___________

                                    Outdoor Venue:                       ___________

                                    Duration/length of the event            ___________

                                    Security:                                  ___________

                                    Seating:                                    ___________

                                    Parking:                                   ___________

                                    Food/Refreshments/Alcohol            ___________

                                    Other (please specify):            ___________


  1. How many times per year do you attend an entertainment outing/activity?


None                        ___________

1 - 2                        ___________

3 – 4                        ___________

5 - 6                        ___________

7 – 8                        ___________

9+                        ___________



  1. How much are you willing to spend on average per event ticket?


Less than $10            ___________

$10 - $14            ___________

$15 - $25            ___________

$26 - $35            ___________

$36 - $45            ___________

$46 - $55            ___________

$56 - $65            ___________

$66 +                        ___________


  1. Does charity involvement influence your choice of entertainment outing/activity?


Yes: ___________                 No:            ___________                 Sometimes:            ___________







  1. What age category do you fall into?


Under 19                        ___________

            20 – 29                        ___________

            30 – 39                        ___________

            40 – 49                        ___________

            50 – 59                        ___________

            60 - 69                                    ___________

            70 +                                    ___________


  1. What is your marital status?


Married                        ___________

Divorced                        ___________

Common Law                        ___________

Widowed                        ___________

Single                                    ___________


  1. When attending entertainment outing/activities, do you go?


Single                                                                        ___________

w/ Spouse/Partner                                                ___________

w/ more than two people

(please specify # of individuals)            ___________


  1. Do you have any children living at home? Yes: _______            No: _______

                        If yes, how many?

                                    1                                  ___________

                                    2                                  ___________

                                    3                                  ___________

                                    4 +                               ___________


  1. What is your average household income?


Under $20,000                        ___________

$20 - $39,000                        ___________

$40 - $59,000                        ___________

$60 - $79,000                        ___________

$80 - $99,000                        ___________

$100,000 +                         ___________


  1. Have you attended entertainment outings/activities in the past year?


Yes:            ___________                        No:            ___________


Thank you for your time and cooperation!

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frosh week

I know this community is rather "dead"

but i just wanted to let anyone who goes to laurentian to know about the frosh week stuff...

On september 8th my band (along with a couple others) are playing with headley .. if you can come check it out..

you can check out our stuff

if you like come show us your support (and maybe buy a t-shirt and a cd :D )

Book NOW for April 11th!!!

If you are free April 11th, 2007, and you want to do something out in the city (of Sudbury, if you're in the area that is), book now for 


All it is is you, going out for lunch, dinner, a a drink in the evening and you will be supporting your community without having to donate a single extra penny (unless you choose to of course)